House Dawn Treader Coat of Arms

A heraldic coat of arms for my geeky household, DawnTreader. (The motto is phonetic Pig-Latin. ;))

A heraldic coat of arms for my geeky household, DawnTreader.

This one takes a fair bit of unpacking, because it is chock full of references both geeky and personal.

It’s fairly common in my social circles for cooperative households to give their house a name separate from any of the individuals or families living there, especially if the household itself has lasted longer than its current composition of residents.

My household is called DawnTreader or House Dawn Treader, which is most obviously a reference to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis, one of the Chronicles of Narnia. Dawn is also a multi-layered reference for us for a variety of other reasons. The rising sun of course references the Dawn.

The book represents our collective love of reading, as well as our gaming, since it’s a Myst book (someday I’ll get around to making an animated version that actually shows some world zooming by within the viewer on the page), and is meant to look like sails for the boat below.

The dragon longboat below references both the original Dawn Treader, which was a ship in the novel, as well as my own fascination with Viking culture.

The Golden Retriever on the left side represents my partner, who goes by Chien d’Arren d’Or (French for “Golden Retriever”) or just Chien, online. He’s left handed, so the dog is holding up its left paw.

The Red Fox on the right represents Ryn, my co-partner, who is also left-handed and likewise holds up its left hand.

The copper/verdigris Cheshire Cat above represents myself, as I’m a huge Alice fan with an overflowing shrine of books, movies, dolls, cards, and other Wonderland collectibles. Also I  have a more feline personality, whereas my housemates are more canine in disposition. My animal is above the other two because my housemates frequently refer to me as the “Dog-up-there”, invoking the image of an exasperated cat sitting on top of a bookshelf, looking down on two enthusiastic dogs who don’t really understand cats, but love them anyway.

The earth tones are reflected in our household interior design (mostly my fault). Last, but hardly least, the house motto is phonetically spelled Pig-Latin for “No pants!”, which is a running joke about Chien’s tendency to declare his intentions before disrobing for the hot tub.



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